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5.21.24 - Were just over a week away from The Greatest Weekend of Your Life, Vol. XI! VVIIPP Badges are sold out and VIP are going fast! Badge up today and discover your new favorite comedian!


We've been lucky enough to have people want to support the festival by donating to it. We call these people

The Greatest Human Beings To Have Ever Lived. You can see the names of these special individuals below.

If you would like to join them you can do so by clicking here.

Jim Ansaldo, Becky Astphan, Brent & Natalie Auberry, Kim Ballinger, Tim Baldwin, James Boyd, Nikki Rolf Boyd,

Peter-john Byrnes, John Cessna, Josh Cocks, Kelly Collette, Kay Daniel, Luisa Diez, Hannah Duncan, Ross Duncliffe, Bob Edwards,

Scott & Jennifer Estes, Danna Grant, Jennifer Lee Gray, Jon Hancuff, Rachel Harper, Susan Hingle, Madeline Holister Yonce,

Molly Irwin, Amanda Jacobs, Andy & Laura Johnson, Melinda Kashner, Sally Letsinger, Cindy Lott, Bunny Martin, Graham McKeen,
Jim Mitchell, Allie Missler, Shawn Nichols, Patrick Reagan, Erin Scheper, Laura Schwartz, Dexter Scott, JD Short, John Stigall, Claire Swallow,

David Thompson, Tim Tucker, Sara Washburn, Karen Wachtel, Raphael Williams, Elizabeth Zapf and Peter Zapf.

The Limestone Comedy Festival is an annual three day comedy festival in beautiful Bloomington, IN. LCF was founded in 2013 by Mat Alano-Martin and Jared Thompson and they were joined in Co-Directorship by Dwight Simmons in 2020. Limestone is only made possible through the support of their friends and family, sponsors, partner venues, and the best comedy fans in the world.

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